Why a water filter is important in Malta

Why a water filter is important in Malta

The water in Malta is drinkable according to EU standards, however the taste is not great and here are some reasons why a water filter is important to use.

  • It is 10X cheaper to use a water filter than buying bottled water.
  • Water from plastic bottles is not eco-friendly, due to the pollution caused by plastic bottles which do not often end up being recycled.. It takes over 300 years for a plastic bottle to degrade and it takes 3 times as much water to produce the bottle itself than it does to fill the bottle.
  • The new BCRS scheme in Malta means that plastic bottles are no longer convenient. You will have to pay a 10c deposit on each bottle and then take them back to a BCRS machine to get your money back.
  • FREE water from the supermarket is not free at all. You could exchange your free water voucher for €1.47 of other products that you need. In fact TAPP Water is 4 times cheaper than your "free" water when valued at €1.47!
  • Water from plastic bottles contain microplastics which is a subject of much research on potential health issues.
  • Activated carbon block water filters remove impurities and dangerous contaminants from the water but at the same time ensure that important minerals are retained. They protect you from toxins and ensure you consume healthy minerals. 
  • Water filters remove bad taste and smell from the drinking water in Malta which leaves a more refreshing and enhanced flavour and much higher sense of satisfaction after drinking filtered water.
  • Drinking filtered water helps to support the immune system and mental health function.

Activated Carbon Block Water Filter

Are water filter taps worth it?

Any filter that can improve the quality of your tap water and help you transition from bottled water to tap water is worth it. In fact considering the inconvenience there are only benefits, you do not have to carry the heavy bottles, you save money and you do not have the same amount of plastic waste in your home anymore. You will also know that the water filter is working well as long as you change the filter regularly.

Save money

Even the cheapest bottled water is costing you 10 times more than great tasting filtered water from TAPP which costs you around 2c per litre. 

There is more than one way to save money when you have invested in a water filter. 

When purchasing a TAPP Water filter you can apply for the government grant which rebates you 15.25% of your purchase.

TAPP Water also thinks that a loyal customer needs to be awarded and that is why we offer a subscription option that gives you 10% off on the yearly annual plan of filter refills

TAPP Water has a 5 stage advanced filtration system  which filters over 100 contaminants.

It is made from coconut and has been independently tested here in Malta  and TAPP water also offers a guarantee that allows you to try TAPP Water for 45 days in your own home.  

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