Your Sustainability Guide – Care Creatively

Your Sustainability Guide – Care Creatively

Hello TAPP Water Malta readers. My name is Sintija Krastenberga. I’m originally Latvian (not Lithuanian) but have lived in the Netherlands for the last few years. I have always been interested in society, global developments, foreign countries, and the political structures behind it. 

Sintija Your Sustainability Guide

As it often happens, as a teenager I was quite rebellious and the go-it-alone type. While I did get out and started to become more socially active (going abroad, organizing various events, joining different organizations) this attitude stuck with me into adulthood. 

Dissatisfied about society and how it operated, I did not realize that I was actually contributing to the bleak picture of it, mostly through my habits and how I took care of my body. When I became physically and mentally unwell, I realized - the change did not happen from complaining about the world. It happens through acknowledging and taking care of what is within. 

Sustainability in Malta

So, in that process of self-realization and improving my health, it became more and more clear that we need collectively to take action into becoming more sustainable. We don’t have much time and we have been letting it slide for too long. But how? I try to answer that question with Your Sustainability Guide.

Platform is essentially about how we can inspire and help each other to take steps towards a better living

We work with companies and entrepreneurs and assist them into getting their message out there – whether by sharing our accumulated knowledge about sustainability, marketing, and projects, collaborating on creative campaigns, or by simply providing research. 

The goal is not only to find creative solutions for their sustainability initiative, but to inspire everyone involved to think bigger and take positive action. 

I’ve spent the last 6 years in the Netherlands, and it has given me a good idea on how the transition towards green living looks like on various levels – from individuals and small businesses, to whole regions

Now I am exploring Malta. From my brief research so far – there is certainly a movement going on and I love sharing that with the world. I have been interviewing and speaking with various companies, and it is both confronting but also beautiful, as every path of change comes with its challenges. You can read about it in “Sustainability Landscape in Malta” article series (follow our social media or Newsletter to stay updated about new interviews). 

So far, what is needed is to consistently integrate this movement into everyday society, and that does not apply only to Malta, but the whole world. 

We hope that YSG can become a platform through which people and companies can inspire each other and make sustainable living much more of a reality than it is now. We do our part by helping companies individually and share the stories of how they do theirs. 

If you have (or know) a business, product, initiative or person who needs creative professional support or simply a personal story that you think deserves to be heard – send us an email to . We’ll get back to you within a few days and see what is possible. 

Just to leave you with one thing TAPP Water Malta reader - nobody’s perfect. Just a small step, or a word of encouragement, an intentional action – that is enough for today. And tomorrow we’ll take another step and another action, and the day after one more. Then eventually you’ll see that our imagined world comes together by the coming together of ourselves. 

Your sustainability guide on TAPP Water malta

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