2023 Carbon offsetting for a small business in Malta

2023 Carbon offsetting for a small business in Malta

As a small business in Malta we consider our carbon footprint and offset our CO2 emissions generated by our customers making use of our products and our operational CO2 generation.

We calculate our CO2 emissions every year using a relatively simple model and we offset every tonne of CO2 by planting 1 tree in Malta, working with the Grow10Trees project to do this.

Calculation basis for CO2 emissions of a small business in Malta

We calculate our footprint using the following data model, all calculations are deliberately overstated.


The cradle to cradle modelling calculates that the TAPP EcoPro with 4 refills on an annual basis has a carbon footprint of not more than 3Kgs a year (that is compared with up to 456Kgs when one person uses plastic bottles for drinking water). TAPP Water SL did these calculations and published them.

Delivery & Operations

Our orders are despatched in POLLAST!C mailer bags that are 100% made of recycled marine plastic and can be recycled. For each bag used we calculate 0.05kg of CO2

For each delivery we calculate 0.166Kg according to the data given to us by MaltaPost as we use their Premium Courier Service.

When we do a trip to Malta for visiting events or retail partners we count 20Kg per day based on 100KM for a hybrid vehicle.

We count our flights at 1t per round trip short-haul flight using an average of 3,000KMs at 251g per KM

We count our personal CO2 emissions (2 people) at 2 tonnes per person so we overestimate the CO2 costs of Phil & Annalena and a home office. We use the latest data on Malta CO2 emissions.

2023 CO2 Emissions Report

Factor Units CO2 Total
Customers with TAPP Water 5,000 3 Kgs 15,000 Kgs
Deliveries 3,500 0.166 Kgs 581 Kgs
POLLAST!C Bags 3,500 0.05 Kgs 175Kgs
Days of events/Meetings etc 50 20 Kgs 1,000 Kgs
Short Haul Flights 4 1,000 Kgs 4,000 Kgs
Office + Personal 2 2,000 Kgs 4,000 Kgs
Total 24,756 Kgs


All you need is less

2023 Carbon Offset in Malta

With a total of 24,756 Kgs of CO2 emissions generated we will need to plant 25 trees with Grow10Trees project.

However, as we wish to make sure we are over compensating we shall plant 50 trees.

This is the same as 2022 - but we have more customers, have done more deliveries and have attended more events. What changed?

We cut down on carbon CO2 emissions by looking at some of our processes and our packaging. The biggest change is account for in the move towards MaltaPost for deliveries as the calculated CO2 emissions per delivery is way below that over our previous delivery partner, and our move towards sustainable packaging instead of using paper bags and plastic tape.

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