Are water filter jugs worth it?

Are water filter jugs worth it?

If you are thinking about getting a water filtration system but feel it is a hassle to install one, why don't you try a water filter jug? Let us take a closer look at what water jugs do and if it is worth it.

The jugs do not require any installation. You just fill it up with water from your tap and in a couple of minutes you can drink fresh water. 

Most of the jugs or pitchers use the activated granular carbon water filter system. To explain this filter method in a simple way, one could say that it works as a sponge that absorbs contaminant molecules as the water passes through the filter. 

This method removes metals, chemicals and the organic compounds that affect the taste and smell of the water. Some of these filters do not remove all nitrates, dissolved minerals, or bacteria and viruses. Some filters include a material called ion exchange resin which can remove “hardness” such as calcium and magnesium ions. 

As this water filter system absorbs the contaminant molecules you will need to change the filter after a certain time. Otherwise it will start to grow bacteria inside the filter and in the end the filter itself will pollute the water.

Water Filter Jug

Most of the jugs on the market are made of ABS plastic and are easy to clean and recycle at the end of their life, however most water jugs sold in Malta are provided with refills that include plastic waste when discarded. So if your changing your filters every month as most have a capacity of 100 to 150L of water before they need changing, your still throwing away lots of plastic.

How about a really stylish alternative to those plastic jug filters?

The TAPP Water Pitcher Pro   works in different ways compared to the other filter jugs on the market in more than one way. First of all it filters the water while you pour, this means that your water in the pitcher will always be fresh as you can fill it up and drink it in an instant. The other big difference is that the water filter is activated carbon fibre that works in an advanced 3 stage process and filters over 80 contaminants. The third big difference is the capacity of the filter, it filters up to 600L of water, which reduces waste as you do not need to change the filter that often as other water filters on the market.

At 1.45L it fits neatly in your fridge and does not take up too much room!

You will definitely drink healthier water when using a water filter jug in Malta. Infact TAPP Water filters have been independently tested for use with Malta's public water supply and you will get our great taste guarantee  so you can decide for yourself if you like it or not.

Not only will you contribute to a better environment, using less plastic bottles, you will also save money!

As a conclusion the water filter jugs do the work and are easy to use! 

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