Can a water filter remove chlorine in Malta?

Can a water filter remove chlorine in Malta?

Can a water filter remove chlorine?

Chlorine itself is a gas and has played an important role in water treatment for decades. It is applied to the water as a disinfectant as it effectively kills pathogens. Chlorine is easily produced and relatively cheap but leaves a not so pleasant smell and taste to the tap water. Chloramine works in a similar way as chlorine and the reason it is used more and more frequently is that the taste and odour are better than chlorine. 

There is little evidence that the recommended levels of chlorine and chloramine have any direct negative health impact on humans, although there is no question as to if we prefer our water to taste and smell good instead of chloride. It might be  a good idea to reduce or remove chlorine and chloramine from your drinking water to avoid possible negative effects.

Activated Carbon Blocks Water Filter Malta

What filter can remove chlorine then? 

The simplest and cheapest method to remove chlorine from water is to fill a carafe and leave it overnight, without a lid on, the chlorine will evaporate but it is a time consuming way of doing it. Then we have distillation units, faucet-mounted filters, gravity-based water filters, pitchers and reverse osmosis. There are a number of water filter systems out there and when it comes to removing chlorine it is activated carbon which is the best at removing contaminants causing bad taste and odour to drinking water.

Activated carbon is produced from organic materials or plant origin and is used because it has a high adsorption capacity compared to other materials. Activated carbon is used both as a primary treatment and as a final stage in other purification processes as for example in reverse osmosis systems. The activated carbon water filter captures the chlorine in the tiny pore spaces of the filter and lets the de-chlorinated water flow through. They are available in two forms - carbon block and granular activated carbon. 

When looking for a water filter in Malta you would want a system that uses activated carbon and TAPP Water have just what you are looking for.

TAPP Water advanced filtration has a 5 stage advanced filtration system  which filters over 100 contaminants and that includes lime and chlorine that gives the bad taste to the water. The activate carbon blocks are made from coconut and have been independently tested here in Malta. 

TAPP water also offers a guarantee that allows you to try TAPP Water for 45 days in your own home.  This so you can make a proper decision for yourself. in plenty of time.

The TAPP EcoPro and EcoPro Compact are two water filters both with advanced filtration in 5 stages that fit to you kitchen mixer and give great tasting water from a water filter in Malta.

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