What is the best water filter in Malta

What is the best water filter in Malta

Are you looking for the best water filter in Malta? You have found a resource that describes the pros and cons of different water filter systems available in Malta so that you can choose what is best for you.

Many people in Malta are concerned about the quality of the tap water and in particular the poor taste of Malta tap water caused by the levels of chlorine after the de-salinisation process and the many other contaminants that can be found in Malta tap water such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, pipe corrosion and limescale.

If you are also looking for a water filter in Malta because you are concerned about using less plastic waste and relying less on plastic bottles for drinking water in Malta then you are one of many people looking for a simple, affordable and practical solution.

Bottled water can also be full of microplastics, impacts our environment and are very expensive compared to tap water. It is also very inconvenient to handle all those bottles.

There are a number of different water filter systems available in Malta and here we give you a rundown on the main ones available.

Filter type Pros Cons

No instalation

Efficient in reducing chlorine and improving taste


Slow flow

Low capacity

Uses space in the fridge

Possible bacterial contamination


Easy instalation with no plumber required

High flow

High capacity

Removes all public water and pipe contamination

Some taps are incompatible

Not suitable for well water


No instalation

Efficient in removing common contaminants

Slow flow

Uses space on kitchen counter

Water temperature rises to room temperature

Possible bacterial contamination

Reverse osmoisis

Once installed it is invisible in the kitchen

High water filtration efficiency of most contaminants

Expensive to install and maintain

Slow flow rate

Wastage of water

Useage of energy

Possible bacterial contamination in pressure tank

Removes all healthy minerals

Taste is often described as flat

Whole house filters

Efficient in removing most contaminants, softening water and more

Installation can be hidden

Filters all water including shower

Very expensive to install and maintain

Take up a lot of space

Some use a lot of energy

Potential issues if not properly maintained

You can read our guide "All about reverse osmoisis filters in Malta" and also our useful article on how the TAPP 2 Twist water filter works.

Our conclusion is that the most affordable and practical solution is a tap water filter such as the TAPP 2 TWIST.

How do I install a tap water filter?

A tap water filter is attached in place of the aerator on a kitchen tap that can be reoved. On some occasions an adapter can be used where there is a size incompatibility between the tap and the tap filter.

How much does a tap water filter cost?

You can fin the cheapest tap water filters online in China from arround €25, however better quality brands such as the TAPP 2 TWIST with professional support thrugh a local distrinutor in Malta will cost arround €50 with filter reffills readily available for arround €60 a year.

Why is the TAPP 2 TWIST the best water filter in Malta?

The TAPP 2 TWIST is the only sustainable water filter in Malta because the filters are organic and disposed of in the organic waste and the ABS plastic casings are recyclable and can go in the recycled waste.

This alone makes it the best water filter in Malta but in addition its low cost and simple practical application make it easier to install and use than other types of water filter in Malta.

In addition the removal or reduction of over 80 containants from your public tap water supply means you will have instant access to pure, drinking water.

Where can I buy the TAPP 2 TWIST water filter in Malta?

You can purchase the TAPP 2 TWIST online in Malta or directly in retail stores in Malta.

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