A career in graffiti in Malta: I am a mural artist

COOKer graffiti on TAPP Water Malta

So I am known as Cooker and been spray painting for seven years, but been drawing / painting on canvas at a younger age. It all Started from these wicked old school cartoons such as dragon ball characters in primary school I use to draw none stop at early mornings.

I took a private school in art and at the age of 10 / 11 I dropped since I got bored of taking buses and knew secondary school I got to know art can be as a main subject over there, and remember since art wasn't successful that time, I was the only one who selected art from all kids.

I was a quiet kid where I use to take an image and just draw or paint with acrilic, After secondary school I went to high school into art but it didn't help that much as they gave us useless stuff to do and didn't see nothing related to art. So dropped after a year and found myself a full time job as a kitchen helper, It obviously didn't made me happy but had a salary .. also was really young and I remember I pretty much stopped from art as I was busy. But I end up quitting that job after 6 months and stick to part time for years just with part time and searched for jobs.

Cooker on graffiti malta tapp water

With no success in finding my full time job, I just stick to part times work and partying but everything change after I had this head injury where I was involved in a car accident at the age of 19 I was in a coma , where I didn't feel nothing , saw nothing and up until now I can't remember what actually happened. I spent 6 months in hospital and by time I use to just draw .. Pokemon characters I was doing to kill my time there. After one year I was able to walk properly and I felt as if I was reborn back to life.

So 3 years after my recovery I got myself in graffiti as I saw it as something big, I was addicted at first where I use to paint at a legal spot, and saw it as a hobby but people wanted their logos to be put on walls by spraying. I started doing portraits a lot, and only there is where I shine at as people see Art in it.. and I carried on with doing from small walls to big murals, and it really gives be satisfaction, makes me proud, and let's face facts this graffiti thing gave me the purpose to carry on in being Stronger and better in Art, as it has involved into a career.

Cooker on graffiti website malta tapp water

Find COOKER on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cooker_hkc/

Find COOKER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/graffitihumblekido1

Thanks to COOKER for the stunning mural he reated on our #TAPPonTOUR mobile demonstration unit.


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