How customers talk about TAPP Water on Facebook

How customers talk about TAPP Water on Facebook

The largest Facebook group in Malta "Are you being served?(RUBS of Moira and Francesca's The Original" has developed as a reliable source of information on products and services in Malta for consumers.

Questions about Reverse Osmosis appear on a regular basis and TAPP Water Filters themselves are the subject of discussion on occasions too.

The latest post attracted 52 comments which in the majority were very kind comments about TAPP Water and the customer's experience of both the product and service. We used to answer these questions and say thank you to customers who commented, however we stopped doing that as the group is really a consumer forum which works well and it no longer seemed appropriate to make comments.

Leaving the conversation to develop how it goes naturally does mean that there are sometimes inaccurate statements from other actors in the market, but we believe those comments are also very obvious which is why we decided not to engage in them.

However, we are always hugely grateful when customers make their authentic reviews and comments, and very grateful too for those who comment when TAPP water has not proved a solution they could use. It makes a huge difference to the mission when customers provide their experience, its an honour to read them.

Its good to see both sides too, although we already know in practice that 95% keep their TAPP water filters, so it may not suit everyone, but for many people its a great solution.

Our goal is to eliminate 10 million plastic bottles a year, this can be achieved with just 10,000 #TAPPHeroes, those households that make the change away from plastic bottles. With 3,500 households in Malta already using TAPP Water we are on the way there!

Seeing many customer comment on a discussion like this is also a milestone along that way and significant to us knowing that #TAPPHeroes are engaging positively in these conversations.

Here at TAPP Water Malta we know we need to keep focussed on supplying a customer experience worthy of your comments, together as #TAPPHeroes we are on our way to eliminate 10 million plastic bottles a year and maybe more!

Thank you to everyone who commented on the post.


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