New 40% Malta Government Grant on Water Purification Systems Explained + Live Q&A

New 40% Malta Government Grant on Water Purification Systems Explained + Live Q&A

Read here: NEW 2024 Grant announced.

With the introduction of a new 40% Government Grant on Water Filtration Systems we will explain how the system works, how to apply, the eligibility for the person applying and also which types of systems qualify for each of the 3 levels of grant available.


Watch the replay for all the details.

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Checkout our article on the full details of the new Malta Government Grant for Water Filter Systems

During our Live show here is what we discussed:

00:00 Intro

01:26 The difference between the old system and the new system

02:40 The 3 eligibility requirements for the person applying

04:52 Grant A: WaterGuard : Water Filtration Systems - Microfiltration & Ultrafiltration systems

08:12 Grant B: RO Wave : Non recycled Reverse Osmosis

09:10 Grant C: RO Recycle: RO with recycling of waste water

10:30 Do Water Jugs Qualify

11:02 If I move house can I claim again?

12:10 Can I get a grant on a second house?

12:37 Can I get a grant if I already bought a water filtration system

13:40 What to do if the online system is not working for the grant application

13:59 Can you apply if you are not online, can you apply in person somewhere?

14:50 Is the grant applicable to only filter refills if I am buying them now for my TAPP water Filter

16:29 If I buy from a retail partner for TAPP Water, can I still apply for the grant?

18:11 How to fill in the grant application - in particular what to do about the boxes for the installation charges (no installation charge with TAPP Water)

19:21 How to save 50% on TAPP Water Filters - Use our special Discount Code with the Government Grant and get started for just over 50 euros

21:50 Wrap up

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