New packaging for deliveries

New packaging for deliveries

We have always considered that using as less packaging and paper is essential to our business as we are 100% focussed on our commitment to operating as a sustainable enterprise.

This means we take out less then we put in from an environmental perspective, and we focus on eliminating waste and minimising CO2 emissions.

That is why for the past two years we have been delivering without bags, using markings on our boxes to identify the order.

This is low waste and minimises packaging, but it causes other issues in logistics, for instance its less efficient for our delivery partner to organise packages as items can get mislaid when there are 2+ items.

We are pleased to work closely with our delivery partners E-Deliv who are the only zero-emission focussed logistics company in Malta, using predominately all electric vehicles.

We finally recognised that it would be more efficient to bag every order and also use a printed waybill with bar code for each order.

The barcoded waybill means it is easier to identify and load the orders for our logistics partner, and also to reassign orders when a delivery failure has occurred.

Whilst there is an increase in paper usage we are using recyclable paper and paper bags and we also offset the use of paper by planting trees with our annual carbon offset policy that finances the planting of trees in Malta.

Finally we had some feedback from a few customers who felt that their orders were not secure enough and could have been tampered with in transit. Thus we felt that it would be generally more acceptable if the orders were packaged individually as bagged orders with a waybill.

We are looking forward to this new packaging and to our customers feedback on this development and we are grateful for the cooperation of  E-Deliv with who have also grown as a business as we have and been implementing new process and procedures so we stay efficient and sustainable.

Please do let us know what you think of this new packaging.

TAPP Water items all ready to go at EDeliv Malta

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