Study finds a link between drinking enough water and ageing

Study finds a link between drinking enough water and ageing

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Our own experience shows us that some people appear to age faster than others, some people to experience old age relatively disease free and others seem to struggle with age-related chronic illness.

In an ageing population, higher numbers of age related chronic illness could put increased strain on health resources in addition to an increase in human suffering. It is therefore essential to understand the causes of age related chronic illness and see what we can all do about prevention.

A team from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) followed up their 2019 research paper on the effects of water restriction on mice by studying the effects of good hydration behaviour in adults. The previous results had concluded that poor hydration could shorten human life by up to 15 years.

Drinking water regularly could extend your life

The new study focussed on measuring the concentration of sodium in the blood as a measure for good hydration ( a lower sodium concentration) to compare with poor hydration (a higher sodium blood level).

The study was done over 25 years of measuring sodium concentration with a healthy level deemed to be between 135 and 146 mmol/L.

mmol/L means milimoles per Litre - a mole is a scientific unit to measure chemicals

Above 142 mmol/L participants were 64% more likely to suffer from some form of chronic disease such as heart problems, diabetes and dementia. Earlier death was also much higher for those participants.

Drinking water is part of a healthy lifestyle

The most interesting finding is that it is likely that drinking water is part of a healthier lifestyle in participants who tested with lower sodium concentrations so it is almost like a proxy measure of a healthy lifestyle.

We already know that a healthy lifestyle promotes healthy ageing, and thus more likely it is that chronic illness is prevented.

Drinking great tasting water also helps

The taste of water is also going to be important when motivating people to keep hydrated.

The flat taste of reverse osmosis water, with no body or flavour because all the healthy minerals have been stripped out in the process may not be the best way to motivate behaviour for better water drinking habits.

In Malta we are fortunate to have alkaline water with a high concentration of healthy minerals, all we need to do is remove the poor taste and ensure 100+ contaminates are filtered out and bingo - great tasting drinking water from you tap.

Bring on the TAPP EcoPro

The TAPP EcoPro water filter fits neatly on the kitchen mixer enabling you to drink great tasting drinking water at 4L per minute.

Also great for cooking, plants and pets!

Are you drinking enough water?

The European Food Safety Authority suggests 2L for Women and 2.5 Litres a day for Men and that could be useful as your bench mark.

The figure includes water, milk, non-sugared drinks, tea and coffee but as some of these will increase urination you may need to drink more water to replace fluids lost.

Filtered water on the go at last

The TAPP BottlePro is the first water filter in a reusable bottle in Malta. effectively you can carry your personal water filter with you, fill up at any public water supply, such as a tap in a cafe, the gym or even at work and then enjoy great tasting filtered drinking water.

What do you think?

Do you drinking enough water? is it easy to do that in Malta?



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