[EXPLAINER]Malta's wonderful alkaline drinking water.

Have you been reading about the wonderful health benefits of alkaline water? Maybe you have even seen advertising for special gadgets that make your water alkaline?

The good news is that here in Malta our water is already alkaline - and when filtered with TAPP Water is independently tested to be more alkaline than before filtration.

So what does all this mean and why is it important.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water with a PH level between 8 and 9. Spring water with a high mineral content will have this range of PH values.

Pure water has a PH of 7, and in the natural environment runs over rocks and mineral deposits which then dissolve in the water to make it more alkaline, with a higher PH.

Why is alklaine water considered more healthy?

The basic idea is that alkaline water neutralises the acidity in the blood and its a decades old idea that this raises energy levels and strengthens bones, but according to VeryWell health there is little evidence to support any of the claims.

Alklaine supplementation though is used, according to VeryWell to offset ion imbalances in menopause.

mineral water alklaine malta

Independent tests on Malta public water supply

The independent tests we ran in December 2020 clearly show that Malta public supply water is rich in minerals and thus already alklaine, with a PH of 8.93.

After filtration the PH level rose to 9.3 which means that your dinking water is more alklaine after filtration.

TAPP 2 TWIST and the 5 stage activated carbon fltration technology produces a healthy and great tasting mineral quality water for you in Malta from the public water supply with a simple, effective and affordable water filtration system in your home.


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