What water filter is best for me?

What water filter is best for me?

We all know that water is a part of the environment and is recycled trough the atmosphere. What we also know by now, thanks to research being exposed in different kind of media is that our environment is in a state where it is not always healthy for us humans any more.

We know that through the water we drink we feed ourselves with different kinds of microscopic organisms that most likely will have a bad impact on our health at some point in our lives. But luckily we can filter away bacteria, pesticides, microplastics, heavy metals and other contaminators by using a water filter.

Since the 1980s the tap water in Malta has been treated in a facility that uses a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. In the process water is taken from the sea and under great pressure put through a membrane which filters out salts and contaminants and then the water is treated with chemicals in order to prevent any further contamination during transportation to your tap for instance by bacteria's.

Unfortunately the chlorine used in the process leaves a not so nice taste and odour to the water. Another fact is that the pipes in the building where you live might be old and the water might have become contaminated again by heavy metals, rust or sediment in the pipes.

How do I decide what water filter is good for me?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding what water filter is going to work best for you, and here we go through these various factors so you can make an informed choice.


If you are on a tight budget them some of the plastic filter jugs available in supermarkets at €30 may seem attractive. However, you will be getting the basics of a filtration system and therefore the water quality will be different from a more expensive Reverse Osmosis system or a TAPP water system that removes over 100 different contaminants. You can compare TAPP Water with jug filters in this article. You may also want to consider that a lower investment now, means more expensive filters with lower capacity.

If you have more of a budget say €250+ then you maybe considering a reverse Osmosis system, but these are very wasteful of water and contain lots of plumbing as well as taking up space under the sink and have higher maintenance contracts. You can compare Reverse Osmosis with TAPP water here.

Special requirements

If you have any special requirements, like a focus on elimination of bacteria or making sure you water is great for baby then these must all be taken into consideration. In a nutshell, any special requirements means having a water filter that has undergone extensive testing like TAPP Water so you can compare the published test results with any other supplier. In fact bottled water does not even have this level of testing - you can compare TAPP water with bottled water here.

In particular in Malta you will need a filter that deals with sediment, rust, heavy metals, nitrates, microplastics, rust and sediment in addition to chlorine. Luckily TAPP Water does all that for you.

Water in Malta

How many plastic bottles are you using?

Some idea of how many plastic bottles you use currently is a good idea. using a TAPP Water EcoPro for example, during a year you are getting the equivalent of up to 2,400 plastic bottles of 2 Litres, so 400 6-packs so up to 8 6-packs a week. That is a lot of drinking water and at a price that is just 10% of the cost of plastic bottles and you even save money, up to €248 a year, if you get the plastic bottles "free" form the supermarket.

In fact investing in a TAPP EcoPro Compact with 6 filters for a year of water costs the same as buying just 33 6-packs of water.

So knowing how many plastic bottles you use a year gives you a good idea of how much water you will be saving and also the type of filter you need as each of our filters has a different capacity and you can make that comparison easily by using our handy chart to compare your water filter.

What type of household do you live in?

 Whilst the number of plastic bottles you currently consume gives you an indicator of saving money and what capacity of filter you need, the type of household you live in also will affect your decision. For instance, if you in a multiple shared household with other adults, or a household with a couple and adult kids then a TAPP EcoPro is a good choice, simply because its larger and easier to use in this type of environment. 

For a couple or couple and small child/ren then the TAPP EcoPro Compact works great and the filters cost less per year in most cases.

The TAPP PitcherPro will also work in most family environments, or in a shared household if your keeping your filtered water to yourself! It's also great for personal use in the office too, as is the TAPP BottlePro.

What's your lifestyle?

For water on the go then the  TAPP BottlePro has everything you need as you can fill it up at any public water supply tap, or in a restaurant or café or even the gym! For all lifestyles then the  TAPP EcoPro and TAPP EcoPro Compact  save you time and money by delivering water at 4L per minute anytime you need it so refilling those kids reusable bottles is a breeze.

With the TAPP BottlePro and TAPP EcoPro Compact you can take these with you for travelling too!

Practicality or look?

For the design conscious consumer the TAPP PitcherPro is a high quality glass jar that looks terrific on any dinning table or desk, and the super low profile TAPP EcoPro Compact looks great in any kitchen and even comes in Chrome, in the meantime the TAPP EcoPro looks great, leaves plenty of room in the sink and works in all environments.

We know that it can take time to get used to not drinking water from a plastic bottle, that you might feel the taste of the water different and that is why we offer the great taste guarantee on all of our filter products. 

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Good morning,
I would like to purchase a water filter for a summer house, for two persons. The apartment is used nearly every weekend throughout the year and perhaps a month or a month and a half during summer.
Kindly indicate the price for the required filter, and the cost for any extra filter/s.

Thank you,

Franklin Pulis

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