TAPP Water Malta is sometimes fortunate to be interviewed on TV, Instagram, Conferences and Podcasts talking about sustainability, Malta tap water, single use plastic bottles in Malta, recycling in Malta and a few other subjects.

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May 2021

TAPP Talk with @RerootMalta on Instgram ⚡️ REROOT MINI-SERIES⚡️

Episode 10: TAPP water interview

So if you’re a newbie or an oldie to Malta or Gozo it’s should come as no big surprise that the tap water isn’t great 😓
And it’s not just the taste that isn’t amazing. It’s what’s actually in the stuff where we really need to watch out
I sat down with Phil Richards from @tappwatermalta to discuss how a filter system like TAPP is not just great for the environment and saves on plastic bottles, but is also great for your health 💪🏽


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