14 real world descriptions of the taste of TAPP Water in Malta

14 real world descriptions of the taste of TAPP Water in Malta

Welcome, dear reader, to our captivating and insightful blog post, which we have intriguingly titled "14 Real World Descriptions of the Taste of TAPP Water in Malta". In this engaging piece, we will be embarking on a fascinating journey, diving deep into the personal taste experiences of TAPP Water consumers residing in the beautiful island nation of Malta. We will be exploring their first-hand accounts, their personal narratives, of this transformative water experience that they have been privileged to enjoy.

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This meticulously crafted article has a clear and defined aim: to shed light on, to illuminate, the unique taste profiles and the multitude of benefits that TAPP Water offers, as described by those who have made it a part of their daily hydration routine. These are the people who drink it daily, who rely on it for their hydration needs, and who can best describe its taste and benefits.

From the health advantages that it offers to the sheer convenience it brings to their lives, we will be delving into, unearthing, the real life descriptions, the authentic accounts, of the taste and benefits of TAPP Water in Malta. We will be presenting these descriptions in a way that is as close to their original expression as possible, offering you a genuine insight into the TAPP Water experience in Malta.

Our data comes from a weekly email series where we ask our customers just one question and then evaluate responses.

We added some bonus entries as some customers responded after the article was published so we now have 19 ways to describe the taste of TAPP water in Malta.

How about you? Would you like to add your comments below?

Great taste, no taste of chlorine

Very pleasant to the taste.

Easy to fit. Easy to use! Water takes good. No bottles to carry! Makes life easier!!

Very satisfying

Depending on where you come from, it might take some time getting used to it. I came straight out of using a 5-stage revere osmosis and I had to get acclimated to TAPP Water. But now there's no looking back. Not to mention that RO also filters out essential minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, to name a few.


It's OK, I drink about 2 litres every day of TAPP water. I very rarely buy water in a restaurant, but don't notice any difference.

Fresh and clean

Since I have been using Tapp , the quality of the water is much better. Besides its great to save some money from buying palstic bottles. This product has been a solution and its helping to reduce the plastic material to be less used and same time contribute to lessen the amount of waste found around the Island

like natural water from a spring

Clean and refreshing

The Taste of TAPP Water is everything I hoped it would be...excellent.

Tasteless. Refreshing.

Tapp Water tastes rich, not as flat as bottle water.

We could say that the taste is better than the first time but maybe there is possibility of improvement.

You will not notice how great it tastes until you forget to turn the valve to 'filtered' and taste the unfiltered water. That's when you know that the taste of TAPP water is great.

For us the taste of the Tapp Water is good

Clean and refreshing

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