All about Brita water filter Malta

If you are searching about the Brita water filter Malta here you can find out all about it, the pros and cons, and some ideas about alternative water filter systems in Malta.

Brita water filter

In Malta mostly the Brita water filter jug is available. This unit is a pitcher or jug filter that uses activated carbon to filter water as it passes through using gravity. Carrtidges are replaced when used up.

Does the Brita water filter work?

This type of unit involves a pitcher or jug with a built-in filter that uses activated carbon pearls that reduces chlorine taste and odor as well as removing copper, mercury and cadmium for cleaner drinking water.  The activated carbon filter inside the pitcher works as a barrier between tap water and your family, using its fine pores to trap those substances that can be potentially harmful.

Brita water filter malta

Is it good for Malta?

Brita has produced many different models of their standard product range and they are easy to use and install in your kitchen or wherever you have a tap for clean drinking water. They have been in use in Malta for many years and are well known.

Brita Water Filter Malta

What does it cost?

They are available for different prices depending on the model of pitcher you choose.  For example, Maltese can buy these Brita jugs for around €40.

Brita water filter cartridges cost about €7 for a water filter cartridge that lasts for 1 month and delivers 100 to 150 Litres of filtered drinking water.

Brita water filter jug malta

Where can I buy the Brita water filter jug?

They are available in many supermarkets and home appliances stores all over Malta.

Can I buy the cartridges?

To replace your Brita water filter cartridges, you can find them in many supermarkets and home appliances stores all over Malta.

Brita water filter cartridges last for around 100 Litres of water, and each Brita water filter jug has a capacity of between 1.4L to 2.4L.

Are there advantages?

The major advantage of the Brita water filter jug type is that it is used straight out of the box with nothing to install. Just buy and use - it's that simple and at about €7 each for 100L to 150 Lites of water, when compared to buying plastic bottles you will save money.

And disadvantages?

Here are some disadvantages of the Brita water filter jug:

  • After filling up your jug you need to wait for it to filter, arround a couple of minutes per Litre.
  • With the capacity of most jugs between 1.4L and 2.4L, if you are using a Brita water filter jug for cooking you will need to make two jugs of water to have enough for a decent pan full.
  • The capacity of a filter cartidge is only 100L to 150L of water which lasts approximately a month if just used for drinking water.
  • Filter cartridges are made of ABS plastic but they are discarded every month when you will change your filters. So yes, you are saving the use of plastic bottles but discarding ABS plastic each month in the mixed waste.

TAPP EcoPro Water Filter

Alternatives to the Brita Water filter

Whilst still using an activated carbon filter the TAPP EcoPro water filter can offer some advantages:

  • Easy to install by anyone
  • Water always available, just switch on the tap
  • No loss of space on the counter top
  • Filter cartridge refills last 800 Litres or for 3 months
  • Low investment, lower cost of refill cartridges over a year
  • Plastic is not discarded every month
  • Leaves healthy minerals
  • Water is ready to drink and tastes great

TAPP EcoPro is the only sustainable activated carbon tap water filter in Malta.

Where can I buy a TAPP EcoPro water filter?

You can find all the details you need on our website for the TAPP EcoPro.



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