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[News]Paperless transactions and minimal packaging for TAPP Water in Malta

From today all our transactions shall be paperless with more detailed information being sent to every customer by email. Orders will be despatched without any accompanying documentation in brown paper bags which are recyclable and the information in our emails will be sent to customers before the product arrives. Our intention with this step forward is to reduce the amount of paper we are using in our process, even though we had been printing on recycled paper we had been consuming both energy and ink. The ink arrives in plastic bottles, even if the ink does last a long time as we chose an environmentally friendly eco printer, its still plastic and paper consumption that can be avoided.   We...

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[NEWS] Grant on the Purchase and Installation of Water Purifying Equipment in Malta

We have good news for all our customers and a new incentive for anyone considering the purchase of a TAPP 2 Twist Water Filter in Malta. There is currently a grant scheme that will refund you 15.25% of the VAT inclusive cost of your TAPP Water Filter for individuals purchasing water purification equipemnt for their residence. The application is done online and an eID is required for this and it just takes a few days for payment to come through diretckt to your bank from the VAT office. You will need a PDF copy of your invoice which will have been sent to you when you ordered, and you will nee to quote the VAT number of TAPP Water (Malta)...

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[NEWS] The journey begins

At the end of our first month in operation we are very grateful for all the support we have received from our customers, supporters and friends. From our activities this month we believe 6,000 plastic bottles will have been avoided, and that means over 42,000 by the end of this year. This is a great start on our way to our target of avoiding 5 Million Plastic Bottle Waste In Malta By 2023. In addition our customer will have saved 000's of Euros through not buying plastic bottled water and saved over 1500KG of CO2 emmissions. We are grateful for all the great reviews on our website and on Facebook , it is a real pleasure to get feedback from our customers, your...

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[NEWS]The first sustainable water filter in Malta

In April 2020 a pilot test was started ready to launch the TAPP2 sustainable water filter in Malta. Sustainability comes from the 100% organic activated carbon filter block derived from coconut husks and the 100% recyclable ABS filter housing unit. There is no other sustainable water filter in Malta. A group of 16 volunteers received a TAPP2 Twist and agreed to test the water filter at home and to provide feedback on their experience. We received feedback on May 15th which enabled us to progress to our our launch on 1st June when our online shop will be fully operational. The majority of the pilot test users fitted their TAPP 2 Twist easily and without helps, a couple of people...

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