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Why coconut is the best activated carbon water filter

Jim Galloway is a highly experience water filtration technician based in the USA and writes regularly on water topics, including water filtration, technology and politics and he suggests there are many reasons why coconut derived activated carbon water filters are the number one material for water filters. What is activated carbon? Carbon is a basic building block or element in organic life on earth, it is in plentiful supply and forms an important part of our lives. Activated carbon is carbon that has been processed with oxygen at high temperatures so that it opens up millions of pores in between the carbon atoms. This means the carbon has a huge surface area with pores of different sizes that allow water...

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The first sustainable water filter in Malta

In April 2020 a pilot test was started ready to launch the TAPP2 sustainable water filter in Malta. Sustainability comes from the 100% organic activated carbon filter block derived from coconut husks and the 100% recyclable ABS filter housing unit. There is no other sustainable water filter in Malta. A group of 16 volunteers received a TAPP2 Twist and agreed to test the water filter at home and to provide feedback on their experience. We received feedback on May 15th which enabled us to progress to our our launch on 1st June when our online shop will be fully operational. The majority of the pilot test users fitted their TAPP 2 Twist easily and without helps, a couple of people...

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