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[EXPLAINER]How to get up to €248 more from your supermarket points in Malta

We all love getting something for free - its our wonderful human nature. But if "free" damages our health and our environment maybe it is time we looked for a better way. Most supermarkets in Malta will give you vouchers for "free" packets of bottled drinking water - and this traps us into spending money to get our drinking water and damaging the environment with the continuation of plastic bottle usage. So the good news is that you can free yourself from the trap of "free" water and even gain more money to spend on more appropriate products from your favourite store. We studied the mathamatics of a leading supermarket chain in Malta to work out the figures for you...

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[GUEST BLOGS] Creating opportunities for Changemakers in Malta. Inspiring others to give and give well.

Malta Social Impact Awards 2021 The Malta Social Impact Awards was launched in 2016 by the Gasan Foundation and Inspirasia Foundation. Our mission is to provide opportunities for local changemakers to receive financial and non-financial support to develop initiatives that have a positive social impact on Malta. MSIA pairs businesses and philanthropists to social initiatives, while inspiring others to give and give well. To date, we have given over €320,000 in grants and much more in non-financial support to help develop these social initiatives. Our philosophy is that it takes more than money to create social change. Social purpose organisations need to be effective and efficient entities to generate and scale social change, and therefore we provide them with mentoring,...

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[EXPLAINER] 8 Facts about plastic In Malta that you didn't know

In March we are running a series on social media about plastic polution and waste in Malta. TAPP Water Malta researched facts about plastic waste and polution in Malta and came up with 8 amazing facts that most of us do not know. These facts came from two official government reports. The Single Use Plastics Policy For Malta 2020 - 2030  The effectiveness of plastic waste management in Malta  

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