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[NEWS] The bigger picture - globally on a mission to stop using plastic bottles fro drinking water

TAPP Water is fast approaching it's 1,000th customer in Malta which means that 1 Million plastic bottles will never be used and discarded in our environment every year. That takes us well on the way to our mission here in Malta to have 10,000 households, just 5% of all households in Malta use TAPP to avert the use of lastic bottles fro drinking water. This is a huge achievement for Malta and it has been a blessing for me to meet and talk with hundreds of families in Malta making the chage away from using plastic bottles for drinking water in Malta. TAPP Water is distributed in over 30 countries at present and so there is a bigger picture to...

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[GUEST BLOGS] 10 years of Cruelty Free Malta

What does your business do? I am a cruelty-free lifestyle blogger. My aim is to help others transition to alternatives to animal-tested products, mainly in cosmetics. What did you do before? My full time was mostly related to web. I started as a web designer, moved on to product manager for an igaming company and last I worked as a user interface designer with the same igaming company. When did you open for business? started around 10 years ago. Why did you chose this business? It started as a new year resolution where I challenged myself to start buying cosmetics from brands that do not support animal testing. Seeing that most of the brands I found at the time...

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[NEWS] TAPP Water Malta plants trees with Grow 10 Trees project to offset carbon emissions

As our ongong commitment to a sustainable business in Malta, TAPP Water Malta had arranged in December to sponsor the planting of at least 10 trees with the Grow 10 Trees project in Malta. We wrote about how we calculate the number fo tress needed to offset carbon emissions for our activites in Malta. On January 31st we joined the project volunteers at Majjistral Nature Park and assisted to plant 87 trees including those sponsored by TAPP Water Malta.   Pictured below are Phil (TAPP Water), Adrian (Grow 10 Trees) and Gilbert (Park Ranger) Some of the trees we planted, the park rangers arranged for tem to have a regular water supply in the days after planting. You can follow...

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[EXPLAINER] The plastic free office in Malta - is it possible?

Welcome to 2021 and with the New Year starting for us all TAPP Water Malta is thinking about a plastic free office in Malta. We researched the best ideas for your office in Malta to aim for a plastic free environment and came up with the following greatideas for your plastic free office. Benefits As an individual trying to get senior management interested or as a senior manager trying to get team members involved you may find that focussing on the benefits of a plastic free office in your environment may work wonders. Here are just a few benefits: great pr opportunities saves money encourages health and wellness for employees team building non-profit goal orientated ueful for training and development...

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