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[Explainer] 5 reasons to buy a water filter in Malta today

If you are considering having a water filter at your home in Malta here are 5 great reasons for making the decision today. 1. Convenience Imagine not having to manage the purchase or storing of all those plastic bottles, with a tap water filter in your home in Malta all you have to do is turn on the tap and you have instant filtered water. A tap water filter is also more convenient than a jug filter, mainly because you will have no need to wait for the water to filter in the jug, or refill and wait again if you need more than a litre or so. The TAPP 2 TWIST is very low maintenance, just change your filter...

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[EXPLAINER] Is filtered tap water in Malta healthier than bottled water?

Bottled water is often portrayed as being healthy due to the nutrients in the water giving rise to health benefits. The reality though maybe somehwat different. In 2005 The World Health Organisation held a conference to look at the implications of consuming hard water, the impact of minerals on health and the potential cardio vascular health benefits. The conclusion was that it was likely that hard water with a high mineral content helped reduce cardio vascular health problems and that magnesium was the main contributor to this. (WHO Water Saniation Health Conference 2015) The nutrients that are most interetsing in water supplies are Calcium, Magnesium, Flouride, Sodium, Copper, Selenium and Potassium. There are a number of studies that confirm that...

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[NEWS] C02 Emmissions offset in Malta as part of TAPP Water 2020 Sustainability Commitment

When TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd launched in June 2020 we made a commitment to a sustainable business model and making the best decisions for business and the environment. A TAPP 2 Twist has a CO2 footprint of 3 Kgs compared to 456 Kgs if a household is using plastic bottles. Already using a TAPP 2 Twist is having an impact on CO2 emmissions in Malta. As a company we want to do more by ensuring that the CO2 emissions from the delivery inside Malta and our operations here are offset by planting local trees in Malta. We make our calculations so that for every 100 customers we need to plant 1 tree in Malta, this is actually 3 times more...

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[GUEST BLOGS]The new eco-friendly online marketplace in Malta

2020 is the year where online stores became the norm as businesses realised e-commerce is the only way to survive Covid, and they are seemingly becoming the future of retail. Today we are going to talk about a unique kind of online shop. Coral is a multi-vendor online marketplace which features a myriad of products from many different businesses and artisans in Malta. What makes this online store really unique is the fact that all the products featured on it, possess specific common aspects – they are all good for the body and good for the planet.  Coral is probably one of the most visually beautiful elements of underwater life. Sadly, corals around the world are dying, in most of...

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[EXPLAINER] Why plastic recycling in Malta is not the answer to the plastic crisis

The Times of Malta published a detailed analysis by David Marinelli of of why it just makes sense to stop buying plastic alltogether. I highly admire anyone who does the research and is an expert to the level that the author obviously is, however for myself as a consumer I am keen to get to the salient points so this short Explainer seeks to provide an executive summary of David's indepth analysis iand some factual bullet points to back up the summary. It's shocking really - if you are like me and diligently sort your waste, feel good about disposing of your grey bag and think you are doing the planet a favour - think again. It's a myth...

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