Grant on the Purchase and Installation of Water Purifying Equipment in Malta

Grant on the Purchase and Installation of Water Purifying Equipment in Malta

Please read about the new improved Grant for Water Purification launched in April 2023 here.
We have good news for all our customers and a new incentive for anyone considering the purchase of a TAPP EcoPro Water Filter in Malta.

There is currently a grant scheme that will refund you 15.25% of the VAT inclusive cost of your TAPP Water Filter for individuals purchasing water purification equipment for their residence.

This is the same as the reverse osmosis grant Malta but TAPP water is a far cheaper, simpler and less wasteful alternative to reverse osmosis systems.

Some people will be looking for the reverse osmosis rebate in Malta and this grant scheme is the same thing so either rebate or grant is the same as the 15,25% that you get back when providing the correct details. It is the same process if you are looking for the RO grant too!

The maximum grant that is available is €70 in total, of course when your applying for your TAPP EcoPro Water Filter you will never get to this limit as TAPP is a lower investment than a reverse osmosis system in Malta.

The application is done online and an eID is required for this and it just takes a few days for payment to come through direct to your bank from the VAT office.

TAPP water Grant in Malta

You will need a PDF copy of your invoice which will have been sent to you when you ordered, and you will nee to quote the VAT number of TAPP Water (Malta) Ltd which is on your invoice.

If you purchased your TAPP EcoPro  at a retail store in Malta then you will just need the VAT receipt showing the purchase of a water filter.

Applications are accepted from residents of Malta over 18 years of age, and not more then 3 months from the purchase date. There can be only one grant application per household.

We have done a grant claim and have received the payment, so it does work and the process is quite easy.

You can access the page on the government service page on this link:

The initial unit including the filter cartridges purchased with the Starter pack are eligible for this scheme.

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