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[GUEST BLOGS] Few, the app that supports health and wellbeing in Malta, built to connect you with independent practioners

WHAT DOES YOUR BUSINESS DO? Few is a holistic health and wellbeing platform that allows its users to work on the development of their physical, mental and spiritual health. We do this by connecting our users with the best practitioners both locally and internationally, via sessions online and in person.  WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE? I used to run a digital agency, then I moved to a technology consultancy. Here I helped them to scale their business and grow their operations from London to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Amsterdam and the north of England. I had worked in the tech space for over a decade, when I decided to start Few. Now I am using my experience to connect and enable...

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[GUEST BLOGS] Creating opportunities for Changemakers in Malta. Inspiring others to give and give well.

Malta Social Impact Awards 2021 The Malta Social Impact Awards was launched in 2016 by the Gasan Foundation and Inspirasia Foundation. Our mission is to provide opportunities for local changemakers to receive financial and non-financial support to develop initiatives that have a positive social impact on Malta. MSIA pairs businesses and philanthropists to social initiatives, while inspiring others to give and give well. To date, we have given over €320,000 in grants and much more in non-financial support to help develop these social initiatives. Our philosophy is that it takes more than money to create social change. Social purpose organisations need to be effective and efficient entities to generate and scale social change, and therefore we provide them with mentoring,...

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[GUEST BLOGS] 10 years of Cruelty Free Malta

What does your business do? I am a cruelty-free lifestyle blogger. My aim is to help others transition to alternatives to animal-tested products, mainly in cosmetics. What did you do before? My full time was mostly related to web. I started as a web designer, moved on to product manager for an igaming company and last I worked as a user interface designer with the same igaming company. When did you open for business? started around 10 years ago. Why did you chose this business? It started as a new year resolution where I challenged myself to start buying cosmetics from brands that do not support animal testing. Seeing that most of the brands I found at the time...

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[GUEST BLOGS]The new eco-friendly online marketplace in Malta

2020 is the year where online stores became the norm as businesses realised e-commerce is the only way to survive Covid, and they are seemingly becoming the future of retail. Today we are going to talk about a unique kind of online shop. Coral is a multi-vendor online marketplace which features a myriad of products from many different businesses and artisans in Malta. What makes this online store really unique is the fact that all the products featured on it, possess specific common aspects – they are all good for the body and good for the planet.  Coral is probably one of the most visually beautiful elements of underwater life. Sadly, corals around the world are dying, in most of...

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[GUEST BLOG] Frank Wrap reduces food waste and plastic, saving money and good for the environment in Malta

Here at TAPP Water Malta we love connecting with other business owners that have the Malta environment and reducing waste in Malta as their top priorities. We are fortunate to meet many such business owners working hard to help us as consumers take positive actions.   We met with Adriana Frank from Frank Wrap to hear her story. What does your business do? Frank Wrap helps individuals to reduce food waste and in addition saves plastic waste. Frank Wrap is handmade from natural ingredients, it’s reusable, long lasting and washable. Food lasts longer in the fridge when wrapped or covered in Frank Wrap so that is how we reduce food waste and it saves plastic as no plastic is used,...

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