The journey begins

The journey begins

At the end of our first month in operation we are very grateful for all the support we have received from our customers, supporters and friends.

From our activities this month we believe 6,000 plastic bottles will have been avoided, and that means over 42,000 by the end of this year. This is a great start on our way to our target of avoiding 5 Million Plastic Bottle Waste In Malta By 2023.

In addition our customer will have saved 000's of Euros through not buying plastic bottled water and saved over 1500KG of CO2 emmissions.

We are grateful for all the great reviews on our website and on Facebook , it is a real pleasure to get feedback from our customers, your feedback is invaluable in helping us with our communications and product development.

Over 3,000 Likes on our Fcebook page has generated lots of interest and we have been able to have many conversations and answer questions from people wanting to know more. During this month we received many pictures of kitchen taps asking for our confirmation the TAPP 2 TWIST can fit easily and on most occasions we could easily put their minds at rest. It is always nice to receive feedback on how easy it is to fit the TAPP Water Filter.

We met several customers this month, visiting to sort out a few minor fitting issues and we learned from these experiences enabling us to add to our Help Centre and widen our range of adapters to fit more kitchen taps in Malta.

We had just two returns under our 45 day guarrantee, a great result meaning a 99% satisfaction rate amongst customers purchasing in our first month of operations.

We had a few manufacturing returns, where we swapped units for customers who experienced a minor manufacturing fault, we received excellent back up from our suppliers in Barcelona and resolved these few issues very quickly.

Finally we now have 4 retail stores that are stocking the TAPP 2 TWIST in Malta in Fgura, Mosta, Iklin in Malta and Victoria in Gozo and our first TAPP Water Tasting event planed for July 11th.

Many thanks for all your support and feedback.


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